All About the Money 2017 Movie

All About the Money 2017 Movie

All About the Money is a crime comedy (or com-crime? Or does that imply comic crime as opposed to comical crime?), but to those rational and reasonable viewers that have been victims of more than an hour of this drivel, it may in fact be a criminal comedy. All About the Money stars comedy mainstay (though rarely seen nowadays) Eddie Griffin as well as several actors you may not have heard of, and as a consequence of having starred in All About the Money, you never will hear of going forward.


All About the Money tries as hard as any movie ever has and still somehow manages to fail to be an Adam Sandler-esque comedy. Nevertheless, there are two hilarious parts of this movie.


1.     The official movie description is if nothing else, misleadingly hysterical: “Two ‘down on their luck’ buddies are convinced by a third to take a vacation. Only after landing in Colombia, South America, do they realize that they are there to attempt to capture the United States most wanted criminal – with no military training.”

2.     All About the Money is rated 7.1/10 on IMDB.

I want you to pause for a moment and consider that fact. Many of us non-titan, non-syndicated movie critics rely on Rottentomatoes and IMDB for quick and dirty guidance on whether or not to invest our time and emotions into a new movie. A 7.1 is a higher rating than many amazing movies that fans have absurdly trashed, and it is a higher rating than many Oscar-winning movies.


All About the Money should be famous for its unnecessary profanity, its attempt to manufacture jokes that make people cringe and close their eyes, and for its sheer pomposity by pretending to be filmed in foreign nations. What All About the Money is not is exciting, comedic, interesting, or worth watching. People, I am saving you almost two hours of time. A little gratitude would not go unnoticed?!


In all seriousness, All About the Money is watchable, it is simply not enjoyable. There were a minimum of five occasions when I wanted to laugh, and my facial muscles seemed poised to laugh but for some reason, my eyes rolled instead and my wife made several remarks (that included obscenities) as to why I was watching this movie. I wanted to respond to all of her questions by saying, honey, its All About the Money, see what I did there? No, you stopped reading just as I had stopped watching.

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