Guardians 2 DVD

Guardians 2 DVD

Guardians of the Galaxy 2serves up great delicacies. Before introducing my ruminations on its quality servings, allow me to posit what the movie is NOT. Guardians 2 DVD is not pretentious, outrageous, full of auras of invincibility, senseless, mindless, political, or beholden to hackneyed rigid formulas. Essentially, it is not The Avengers, and thanks be to God for that. Instead, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 remains its own man as it were, just like its magnificent predecessor.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 follows in the chronological and storyline footsteps of the original. For fans it seems as though eons have passed and dozens of super hero movies and television shows have vied for the right to supplant Guardians 2 DVD. My advice is to keep trying, and my assessment is that they need to keep dreaming. It is rare that comic book movies can amuse, touch one’s heart, and entertain for an extended period of time. Maybe it is Bradley Cooper’s destructive sarcasm, Vin Diesel’s fine facial expressions, Zoey Saldana’s Pretty in Green routine (yes, that does rhyme), or Chris Pratt’s rugged masculinity with a side of self-deprecation. Or, maybe just maybe, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is an original storyline that impresses because it is well-written, well-conceived, well-constructed, and most of all, INTELLIGENT. No, I do not mean to assert that this movie is chock full of Brainiac-isms, but there is a sweet balance of comedy, sarcasm, romance, longing, sadness, and intelligence.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is about Starlord’s (yes STARLORD!) lifelong search for his beginnings. Enter Kurt Russell (Jack Burton, Snake Plissken, pick your poison) as his demi-God father with an agenda that is inscrutable and sphinxlike until the movie is well underway and the pieces are moving across the galactic game board. Russell is no spring chicken, but he always brings gravitas and some measure of profundity to every movie he stars in.


Whether you are in the mood for laughter and a two hour thrill ride, or perhaps you would rather do anything other than watch another in-your-face politics-ridden everybody gets bashed in the head a thousand times and is unscratched Avengers movie, Guardians 2 DVD is a fine way to spend some time draining the weekend away while lying in bed or on the couch and enjoying a cold one. For me a cold one is a coke zero (I am still upset they changed the recipe), but if it is a beer for you, then cheers.

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