John Wick 2

John Wick 2

There is a reason John Wick Chapter 2 feels eerily familiar. We have seen this exact same movie before. It is calledJohn Wick Chapter 1. Somehow, the studio must have received the beta rough draft script for John Wick 1 and accidentally used it for the second installment of the franchise. Honestly folks, I have little respect for movie studios that happen upon pure gold in an original movie, and their response is to commercialize it into pure cheapness and redundancy.


John Wick 2 is almost the exact same story as the first movie. Supporters might call this continuity, while I call it a descent into repetition, bordering on self-plagiarism if such a concept exists. How does one cheapen the value of an original movie? By duplicating that movie with worse villains of less talent, and by repeating the exact same scenarios in a manner that demeans the original.


Not even the boogeyman, the gentleman nose-picker, can survive forty car crashes, shootings, stabbings, and smashes onto concrete. John Wick 2 gives the Avengers a run for its money on the unfathomably unbelievable theatrics front. The director might have been able to create John Wick 2 by recalibrating the outtakes and deleted scenes from the first film and gotten a superior result.


In John Wick 2 we have a dog, a deceased wife, a destroyed house, gold coins, a mysterious underworld, rule-breaking, code-breaking, unethical behavior amongst degenerates, and a world-class assassin that is invincible for absolutely no good reason. We have John Wick part deux, a rebel without a cause.


What is the redeeming value of John Wick 2? Keanu Reeves and only Keanu Reeves. I understand refusing to abandon a franchise when you are its heart and soul, but the choice to copy the first movie with little advancement, almost nothing original, and a sense of inevitability was a mistake. Friends of mine have pressured me to take time off from law school to watch John Wick 2 as a sort of stress-reliever. Thank goodness I refused their imploring because the antithesis has come true. Watching one of my favorite movies get tarnished for a quick buck has in fact caused me mild stress as opposed to stress relief in any way, shape, or form. In totality, John Wick 2 is too much of a good thing. Too much of a good thing is ironically not a good thing at all.

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