The Mummy with Tom Cruise

The Mummy with Tom Cruise

The Mummy has been vilified and crucified by the media. When people hold a grudge against a person for their standpoints or politics, it is often impossible for them to produce an honest and objective opinion. Scientology may alienate a great many observers, but from my perspective, movie reviewers would do well to stop interjecting politics and personal animi into their movie reviewing craft. Tom Cruise is a top ten all time actor once biases are taken out of the equation. The Mummy is an exciting movie that is highly reminiscent of Nicolas Cage’s first National Treasure movie, after a fashion. It does not deserve the politics-based disparagement it has received.


Tom Cruise is nothing if not personable and exciting. Many actors do one thing well, and a select few are capable of performing any role, under any circumstances. Cruise’s strengths are his pizzazz, derring-do attitude toward stunts (hope his ankle is not shattered after hitting a brick wall), charm, wittiness, and ability to engage the viewer as though they are on the good side. Cruise is not villainous, rather he is consummately heroic in movies.


It has been speculated that The Mummy is the first film in the resurrection of what might be adequately termed the Monsterpiece Theater franchise. Next up Dracula, Frankenstein, Teen Wolf (The Wolfman!), etc., etc. Can you imagine a more capable actor at the helm of a new series of global monster mashes than Tom Cruise? Cruise might be subject to criticism (Adam Sandler is often blasted for the same routine) for his extra-young and beautiful co-stars, but isn’t that par for the course for motion pictures? Age appropriate is not an expression that Hollywood is intimately familiar with. Show business is a BUSINESS, not a charitable organization.


Back to the business at hand. The Mummy is fun. It is full of adventure, beautiful women, a goddess, (Sofia Boutella and Annabelle Wallis), a comic (Jake Johnson), and the veteran leadership of Russell Crowe.


I can understand that a return to ancient Egypt via northern Iraq, by way of England’s subway tunnels might seem preposterous, but people love The Avengers who can smash their heads together a thousand times and never even break a fingernail, so what really are they complaining about?


If you like Tom Cruise you will love The Mummy. If you enjoy action and adventure movies, stop me if you have heard this one before, you will love The Mummy.

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