Ambushed Movie

Ambushed Movie

Bring on the heavy-hitters. Come all who can fight and pummel and rock the silver screen. Enter a hobbled but brutal Dolph Lundgren, a semi-retired badass legend named Randy Couture, a stiff-as-a-board Vinnie Jones, a Scottish playboy Gianni Capaldi, the omni-talented Daniel Bonjour, and a bevy of beauties. What do we have after naming this litany of talent? We have the movie Ambushed. Audiences have a wild night of excitement at their viewing disposal.Ambushed is so wildly thrilling that it could be said to be capricious, for no viewer will even know whether to expect the sweet, the sour, the bitter or the banter.


Plot recapping aside, the highlight reel that is Ambushed, includes the ground-and-pound showdown between Dolph and Randy that fans have been waiting for. Capaldi’s loud-mouth antics are supercharged by his heady Scoooootttttt-ISH accent. Bonjour sounds like Tom Cruise and Ron Livingston all rolled into one captivating narrator. What can we write about Jones that has not already been named? Perhaps that he is a villain that as Keanu Reeves would say, knows what he wants with a singular focus. Portraying a syndicate boss, Jones understands that inefficacy of any kind is a death-knell. The interplay between Bonjour and Capaldi and their aforementioned throng of babes is also a healthy mixture of romance and romp.


Ambushed is as the title would indicate, an action-thriller. Although the movie is thematically about narcotics and police corruption, there is more than enough true romance and poetic narration to cure al of its ills. Perhaps the biggest take-away from Ambushed is that Dolph Lundgren is still talented and he can credibly fight against the best and appear to be the victor without much of a stretch of the imagination. Daniel Bonjour however, really is the show-stealer. He is supremely talented but even that is not the point. What is the point? Bonjour is entertaining and that is how one sells movies in this day-and-age. Ambushed will be a chart topper.

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