Game Night is a Bankrupt Movie

Game Night is a Bankrupt Movie

Game Night on its face offers the sort of movie premise that makes audiences believe there is a Wheel of Fortune board with a super-sized $1,000,000 wheel piece offering a better than 50% chance of savoring and tasting riches. Regrettably, on account of Hollywood’s continued arrogance, conceit, and political bias/blindness (or total disregard for the opinions of 65 million Americans), the movie is more like one giant bankrupt piece that makes losing inevitable. Still, there are at least two reasons to watch Game Night (redemption is afoot!).


Game Night is mildly interesting at times thanks to Rachel McAdams continuing to be one of Hollywood’s loveliest actresses (inside and out), and because Kyle Chandler has recently hit his stride, and it is wonderful to watch him flourish. Kyle Chandler seizes every opportunity he earns and the beneficiaries are moviegoers.


Returning to the sad state of affairs (pun intended) that is the anti-middle-America Hollywood elitists’ version of humor. Humor, once upon a time, seemed to emanate from creative genius, from true-to-life events hyperbolized so as to produce slapstick and bellowing laughter. Date Night seems to have gone in the opposite direction. The writers, director, and cast have seized on the elitist zeitgeist that is reverse-racism and branding of everyone they disagree with as racist. Have Hollywood’s “finest” really been reduced to making anti-Caucasian jokes and calling everyone they disagree with a white supremacist and a racist? Earth to “comedians;” labeling white people racist while making racist remarks about white people is inherently and intrinsically racist and remarkably myopic.


Sadly, Date Night has a few thrills, but it is a comedy movie, at least allegedly. The only jokes offered to audiences are anti President Trump and anti-Caucasian jokes disguised as “humor” or “intellectual superiority.” There is nothing superior about racism, and there never will be.
Game Night? More like shame night. It is a shame this movie falls flatter than a whoopie cushion dropped from a thousand feet.

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