Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates DVD

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates DVD

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Datesis thebest,worst, most adequate comedy of the year. Mediocrity is a word one summons to mind after, and frankly during the show. After Zac Efron’s legendary performance in Dirty Grandpa, and Aubrey Plaza’s raunchy hotness, audiences had Dickensian (Great) expectations for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Sadly, none of those expectations were met or surpassed, but it is not all doom and gloom here. We recognize that not every movie is going to be an all-timer, nor is every production going to knock our proverbial socks off. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is no exception.


Remember that presidential debate, yeah right, you know, the one that took place on MONDAY?!(not to be in any way confused with an exclamation mark followed by a question mark, think vice versa). The first twenty minutes of the debate should have been fireworks. Instead, it was excrement theater (shit show for you Bernie Sanders supporters “living in your parents’ basement”). The first 20 minutes of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates were agonizingly misguided. In establishing the immaturity of the characters, they were portrayed as sleazy idiots with no moral scruples and as devoid of common sense. Granted, this set the stage for their forthcoming purported comedic acts, but a chance to seize the momentum was completely lost. Rather than laughing immediately, audiences had to search for the humor as opposed to having the humor brought to them.


Audiences in the 24 and above demographics can aptly label the beginning of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Datesas millennialism at its worst. Entitlement, lack of awareness, mindless physical injuries, vapid thoughts, and a complete self-absorption. This plays well among college audiences, and I am not immune from recognizing that college kids are the people buying this DVD, but that does not mean that I have to like it. There are a few types of jokes I might not ever like. I despise race jokes, fat jokes, stupidity jokes, and especially physical injury jokes (though somehow I liked Jackass). It seems that getting run over by a car is supposed to be hilarious. Well, that is just driving me crazy.


In summation, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is available on DVD now. There is a reason for this; the studio is aware that college kids love watching movies in their dorms and what better time for a movie like this than the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year? 1.5 stars, and that is because I am so magnanimous (it means generous my Millennial friends!).

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