Special ID: Te shu shen fen

Special ID: Te shu shen fen

Special ID , originally titled “Te shu shen fen,” stars the preeminent martial arts movie action star in the world, Donnie Yen. With his performances in Ip Man and Ip Man 2, Donnie Yen transcended gender and culture and martial arts itself. His portrayal of the immortal Ip Man was truly epic. Now, Yen lends his talents to the action movie Special ID.  
Special ID is not Casablanca or Ong Bak, but it is a step in the right direction for Yen’s career. Too often great actors become mired in the world of typecasting. By branching out to accept a role as an undercover policeman, Chan Chi-Lung, Yen has chosen to showcase his versatility to movie fans. Special ID is about an undercover agent whose dream is to be an upstanding police officer with the prestigious Honk Kong Police Force. Chan may be going on nearly a decade being an undercover agent hobnobbing in the criminal world, but he has righteousness and ambition on his side. That, and an adoring mother that loves him and believes in his quest.


Special ID Martial Arts

Despite having been amidst criminals for years, Chan has not lost his core identity as a do-gooder. In fact, he has asked his boss for a promotion to the regular force and has been promised deliverance if only he will perform one final undercover operation. Chan must bring down all of the criminal syndicates he has been involved with, and that includes his former protégé, Sunny (Andy On). Sunny is younger and fiercer and far less tolerant than Chan. Those facets make him deadlier and more motivated to punish.

Ultimately, there are three struggles occurring in Chan’s life and mind. First, he wants desperately to make his mother proud while protecting her from harm. Second, he wants to enlist in the main police force. Third, his new partner for this final operation is Fang Jing (Tian Jing). She is demure and possesses extraordinary fighting skills. Aside from her femininity, Fang Jing is herself a lethal weapon. While all of this turmoil is encroaching on Chan’s life, he must complete the job and help eradicate organized crime.


Special ID is Donnie Yen’s Calling Card

Special ID is Donnie Yen’s coming out party as something more than a martial arts machine. Sure, he continues impressing audiences with his quicker-than-the-eye parries, but he exhibits the ability to act dexterously and that is really something. His duality is a rarity in the acting world. Meanwhile, actress Tian Jing is a marvel. The woman is beautiful and looks as though she could go a few rounds with Bruce Lee. She fights in blazes of glory. Co-star Andy On reminds me of American actor Karl Urban except that On can fight menacingly and cogently. In essence, Special ID is a terrific martial arts action movie and I highly recommend you check it out. Subtitles often make for entertainment times two!

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