The Art of the Steal Starring Kurt Russell

The Art of the Steal Starring Kurt Russell

The Art of the Steal plays to the strengths of its top-billed stars Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon. Russell portrays a motorcycle stuntman (reminiscent of his Grindhouse and Death Proof days) nicknamed “Crunch.” Dillon depicts a conman (his brother nonetheless) unafraid to snitch on his friends or family. Co-stars Jay Baruchel (This is the End), Chris Diamantopoulos (Three Stooges and “Episodes”), Terrence Stamp (the legendary original General Zod), and Kenneth Walsh (the man has a fiery Irish accent) provide cover fire for the featured stars. The Art of the Steal is essentially a caper movie that attempts to deliver on the promise of the excitement surrounding a precarious heist.


Kurt Russell’s Comeback

Storyline aside, viewers will likely find themselves disappointed by Kurt Russell’s performance. Matt Dillon was once a rising star in the industry but his career has plateaued.  Jay Baruchel has a significant following among younger demographics but he adds little of substance to this movie. Really, The Art of the Steal is a sort of testing ground for Kurt Russell. Despite his frequent absences from the Hollywood foreground, Russell has always been synonymous with excitement and ability. Unfortunately, he chose to make a comeback by starring in a movie that offers little in the way of enjoyment. Hopefully this will not impair his ability to land more significant and lucrative roles.


The Art of the Steal Movie Review

The Art of the Steal fizzles faster than a box of Poprocks on the tongue. It leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth and it feels overwrought. Trying to be Ocean’s Eleven without the budget or the cast of characters never promises a good outcome. There are hundreds of better larceny movies to choose from. The Art of the Steal tries to elicit audience’s into becoming involved in a storyline that is more depressing and mundane than most. Frankly, it is not the type of movie that is worth investing one’s precious time in.

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