HBO True Detective Season 2

HBO True Detective Season 2

All of my forthcoming reviews for you my beloved Grand Momma. May you eternally rest in peace. I love you and I thank you always for all that you have done for me and for all that you have meant to me. Your heart was a beacon of light and hope for 92 glorious years. Thank you for hanging on to see my mother through her toughest of times. You are an angel.


It would be grossly unfair and perhaps insipid to compare HBO “True Detective” Season One with HBO “True Detective” Season Two because the show offers a brand new scenario and a wholly different cast of characters every season. Nevertheless, I will commit nearly as egregious a sin by expressing my disappointment with True Detective Season 2.


The original True Detective clearly had a better tandem of actors in Woody Harrelson and the preeminent Matthew McConaughey, but that is hardly the reason why S2 has already disappointed the faithful. Brace yourselves for my upcoming stream of consciousness diatribe.


Vince Vaughn as a serious actor? Is that a joke? Rachel McAdams sans makeup dressed as a tomboy? Is stripping her of any hint of desirousness good for the show’s appeal? Colin Farrell has lost it…but did he ever really have it? Sure, he has been mildly entertaining in low-budget movies, but portraying a detective in a drama series is quite possibly the worst career decision any fledgling actor has recently made.


The only life the show possesses is in the form of a young star, though a relatively unknown and underutilized star in Taylor Kitsch. Too bad Tron 3 was scrapped, it would have extended his mainstream appeal that much more.


HBO has a knack for producing quality drama series. Hardly anyone can deny HBO retains many of the finest actors and directors, not to mention the hottest talent. This too may come as a surprise, but I adore Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams, and I really like Colin Farrell. Have I blasted them? Absolutely, the devils have earned their due.


The fault lies with the choice of executives to assemble a cast of B and C list actors in the hope of allowing the premise of the show to prop them up to further stardom. Instead, if Episode One of True Detective Season 2 is any indication, this season is already doomed.


Then again, the entire first episode was designed to form a background predicate so that the characters could coalesce for some far more meaningful purpose. Here’s hoping.

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