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Knives Out is all steak and no sizzle. Nevertheless, it is advertised as some brilliant murder-mystery picture that is unrivaled. Appropriately, in our review of Daniel Craig’s miraculous Oscar contender, our metaphorical long knives are drawn. Knives Out is boring, prodding, fairly predictable, and is only slight scandalous enough to provoke a full viewing. Were this movie not likely to be talked about as one of 2019’s finest, I would never have viewed the screener, nor would I have tolerated its gobbledygook. Knives Out achieves its primary goals, and for that is deserves credit (Bad Credit. Zing!). Daniel Craig is supposed

The movie Ideal Home is a movie without a cause, a rebel without a rebellion, a picture without picturesqueness, a motion picture without movement, and a parable without an Aesop. Before heaping on my disdain and contempt for the movie Ideal Home, perhaps withdrawing for a vaninishing moment to praise the two leading actors will add some perspective.   The movie Ideal Home is beyond fortunate to have the services of two off-the-beaten path comedians-turned megastars such as Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. Paul Rudd has transcended every expectation that he would be a one-hit wonder via the teen classic Clueless. He

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