Action Adventure

The movie Ideal Home is a movie without a cause, a rebel without a rebellion, a picture without picturesqueness, a motion picture without movement, and a parable without an Aesop. Before heaping on my disdain and contempt for the movie Ideal Home, perhaps withdrawing for a vaninishing moment to praise the two leading actors will add some perspective.   The movie Ideal Home is beyond fortunate to have the services of two off-the-beaten path comedians-turned megastars such as Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. Paul Rudd has transcended every expectation that he would be a one-hit wonder via the teen classic Clueless. He

The very name Godzilla elicits thoughts if bygone eras of cinematic prowess. Generations of movie lovers have enjoyed the famed Japanese monster's exploits as he has gallivanted across/throughout time and space. Continuing with the Hollywood remake movement, in 2014 (the year of our dinosaur) once more (let's not kid ourselves and pretend there will not be countless more Godzilla movies produced in the near or distant future) Godzilla has deigned it necessary to grace us with his ever-looming presence.   This particular Godzilla is slow and methodical. His skin tips the scales in his favor. His outer template is that of a ravenous four hundred foot

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