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Netflix's New Movie How It Ends By releasing the movie How It Ends starring Theo James (Divergent) and Forest Whitaker (Street Kings, etc.), Netflix has shocked the world again. Netflix has not shocked and awed the world by releasing a brilliant movie that rivals the Avengers, but has instead done so by releasing new and interesting movies ostensibly every 2-3 weeks. Netflix is undermining traditional movie deliveries and premiers. Netflix has already overtaken the Showtimes and the HBOs of the cable universe. Why pay exorbitant prices per person and drive to theaters when Netflix offers entertaining movies such as How It

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Datesis thebest,worst, most adequate comedy of the year. Mediocrity is a word one summons to mind after, and frankly during the show. After Zac Efron’s legendary performance in Dirty Grandpa, and Aubrey Plaza’s raunchy hotness, audiences had Dickensian (Great) expectations for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Sadly, none of those expectations were met or surpassed, but it is not all doom and gloom here. We recognize that not every movie is going to be an all-timer, nor is every production going to knock our proverbial socks off. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is no exception.   Remember that presidential

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