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All of my forthcoming reviews for you my beloved Grand Momma. May you eternally rest in peace. I love you and I thank you always for all that you have done for me and for all that you have meant to me. Your heart was a beacon of light and hope for 92 glorious years. Thank you for hanging on to see my mother through her toughest of times. You are an angel.   It would be grossly unfair and perhaps insipid to compare HBO "True Detective" Season One with HBO "True Detective" Season Two because the show offers a brand new

HBO’s True Detective Season 2 remains as stale and unvarnished through Episode 3 as it did back on the inglorious Episode 1. The show is lifeless. HBO’s True Detective Season 2 pretends to be dark and mysterious and important, but it cannot escape the inexorable trend toward ordinariness. Such an eclectic grouping of actors should make for far better television than what loyal viewers have been accustomed to expect.   HBO’s True Detective Season 2 cannot even make the financial ruin of a man seem compelling. The tragically destructive lifestyle of a detective should seem more than predetermined and mundane. The sexual frustration and manliness of a woman

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