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F the Prom on Netflix F the Prom on Netflix is never going to win any awards, but it is surprisingly realistic for this time period. Perhaps if the critics levelling every fiber of F the Prom were younger or more in touch with the current, post-millennial generation, they would have a greater appreciation for the film. F the Prom is about a modern trend, and a positive modern trend at that.   Nowadays, kids that once upon a time were categorizable as loners or social outcasts, often band (no musical pun intended) together to form their own cliques, inclusive cliques that do

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall Logan Lerman is an independent actor that possesses a not inconsiderable amount of raw and realized talent. Among his recent work is a film entitled The Vanishing of Sidney Hall. The Vanishing of Sidney Hall is a film for the ages, but one would never know that unless she watches the movie in its entirety. Critics universally sullied the movie, and without the slightest consideration for its sentimentality and overall brilliance.   The Vanishing of Sidney Hall is not the sort of picture one can watch the entire way through. Rather, it is meant to be viewed in

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