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The real star of this year's Palm Beach International Film Festival (2013) is a film entitled Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor. The title of the movie is derived from the labeling of United States soldiers that are recovering from devastation injuries while in action in either Afghanistan or Iraq. These soldiers are referred to as "Wounded Warriors". This sobriquet of sorts has a double meaning because the brave men and women that have been injured are indeed wounded both physically and psychologically. This brings us to the raison d'être for the film Comedy Warriors. Five afflicted soldiers have brought not only their

Golden Boy has parted ways with a plethora of Al Haymon represented fighters. This is the big news emanating from the settlement arrived at between former Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer and a newly resurgent Oscar De Lay Hoya. If De La Hoya continues his career resurgence with the ferocity he did his boxing career as the Golden Boy, his company is in for many victories in and outside of the ring.   Canelo Alvarez is the Face of Golden Boy Many columnists are making hay about the fact that the most prominent and arguably talented fighter left in the Golden Boy

Manny Pacquiao has taken to the public airwaves to tell Floyd Mayweather a special and yet pithy announcement: “SIGN THE CONTRACT!!!” If only Floyd would listen, boxing fans would reignite their decade old debate about who the all-time pound for pound fighter is, was, will be, etc. Let’s revisit Floyd Mayweather’s reluctance to make a fight with Pacquiao.   Mayweather's Drug Testing and 60/40 Split Mayweather first insisted on drug testing that he would likely not submit himself to. He then demanded the lion’s share of the prize fight earnings and Manny demurred to both demands. Since then, Manny Pacquiao has agreed to all

All of my forthcoming reviews for you my beloved Grand Momma. May you eternally rest in peace. I love you and I thank you always for all that you have done for me and for all that you have meant to me. Your heart was a beacon of light and hope for 92 glorious years. Thank you for hanging on to see my mother through her toughest of times. You are an angel.   It would be grossly unfair and perhaps insipid to compare HBO "True Detective" Season One with HBO "True Detective" Season Two because the show offers a brand new

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